Hi! I’m Alley Jean and I want you to learn how much fun it can be to run your business with full visibility and confidence.

What will you do when the time comes to rebrand to be closely aligned to your company goals and ideal client, AND you refuse
to change? Visibility is vital to your biz plan. It is YOU. it is a living and breathing form of your biz and if not nourished will die. 
Speaking with your audience in a strong and authentic voice is a must.  You must consider that video and creative sales techniques are your KEY ingredients to online success. Period. I did and it’s become extremely important in my priories day to day. So when you’re feeling like your biz is about to uplevel it’s important to take advantage of this visibility opportunity so that you have the emotional strength and creative expression to give voice to that version of YOU that you are becoming. All brands evolve but the ones that make leaps are adaptable to new looks, new client types, and most of all the new brand story. Why spend all of your time in launch mode when what you’re selling to is an audience that may not be able to afford you anymore along with the same look. Always look within to step forward in life and business. That’s what I do and it is working like a charm.


You can be more creative then you are now and speak with more ease and show up in a clear

and purposeful way for your audience. I can help you with that. When Visibility YOU opens in

July it is going to explode. I will not have it open year round either. There are going to be key

moments when you will the opportunity to become a member. I’m excited to share my fun

and creative ways of getting you from where you are right now to a place where you’re

everywhere in a sense. Start thinking about where you are right now and where you’d like to

be. Imagine having fun ways to create relationships instead of dealing with it! I know a lot of

us don’t care much for the very bright lights of tools like FBLIVE or sharing things that seem

to have nothing to do with our customers. If you’re not having fun something is up. Because

what I’m creating every day through these same things I’ll share with you lights me up and

has amazing results. But it wasn’t always like that and I’m going to save you a lot of time

and make you laugh, cry and figure this shit out a whole lot faster than I did! Woot woot!

Let’s do this!

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Join *VisibilityYOU* today to be a part of a supportive testing ground for your online visibility. Join us to take part in fun challenges! This is an incubator group full of experimenting with new ways to have fun and success with sales, marketing, and visibility! Refine your message and techniques with us and then put out a better version of YOU, here, there, and everywhere. Always experiment to experience your company. That is what creates growth. Come fly with us!



One of my most Magical Manifestations this month was Alley Jean’s Get Wild Visibility in Business course!!! Thank You so very much, Alley, for sharing your Creative, Brilliant and Magical energy with me! I’m so blessed beyond words to have been given this beautiful opportunity from you and to get to know your beautiful Soul and work on a whole new level, and to have so Magically been able to share in your Magic! Your Beautiful and Soulful nature was so soothing and inspiring and even though I had a ton going on, on many levels through the whole course I learned so much (and had fun!) and got so excited and inspired about playing on SM promoting my business on a whole new level. Thank You so much for all the amazing ideas you shared with me! I’m so excited to get to them all! And we haven’t even had out one to one call yet!!

Seriously, Everyone if you haven’t yet checked out Alley Jean and her Soulful work to get your business out there….Just Do It!!!

Alicia Kent

Love Alchemist, Paradigm Shifter & Creative Change Catalyst

I am truly blessed to have taken Alley Jean’s visibility course. I have been on Facebook
for 7 yrs. I have a personal page & biz page with a lot of “Likes”. I post several days a
week and always receive comments on my personal page. However, what Alley has taught me is priceless. Especially the magic of FB Live. My videos are receiving lots of views.
I post them in several groups and I receive lots of comments. Her sessions have been not
only been educational. They are fun, interactive and she presents everything that she does with “LOVE”. If you want to see growth in your biz on FB, take her class. Not only will
you have the honor of meeting a beautiful woman inside and out, you will also meet all of us….away in our initial meeting. She is so creative, forward-thinking, and inquisitive.

A great experience I recommend to everyone. She’s the real deal!

Susan Gala

Women's Health Specialist

This is life-altering in the most Epic of times!

OH! MY. GOSH…The power of writing things out and having it actually manifest… So, Alley had us write out exactly how our Dreamy Service scenario would unfold, so I had sent her my written idea of how this magical situation would happen… and guess what – it just happened – exactly how I’d written it!!

I have my very first paid Crystal Healing session scheduled for next weekend!!!!

So excited, and it’s with someone that I would NEVER have guessed I’d be working with! It’s a girl I went to high school with that saw my custom necklace post on my personal FB page, and she reached out about a necklace saying

she’d been in a terrible accident 2 months ago and was really needing extra healing… So I said I’d actually be in her area next weekend if she was interested

in a crystal healing session and that we could do a complimentary custom necklace discussion while I was there. And so she scheduled the session,

we will go over the necklace/crystals while I’m there, and she’s already

asking about future sessions as well! All because I’ve been more open about what I’m doing and posting about it and being seen!

Whoohoo! Guess this stuff really does work Alley!

Jessica Roth

Certified Crystal Healer & Artist

Where can I begin….this course has taught me so much about myself…that it’s OK to be me. Watching you be so authentic, (yes, I stalked you also!), gave me the courage to be authentic.

You taught me that people need my voice also, and, how to use it. Your dream client worksheet was eye opening.

You are a fucking unicorn sister, and I’m honored that we connected this lifetime. Much love.

Paula Jones

Intuitive Angel Artist

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